What Do Better Endings Mean TO YOU, based on your unique personal background, career, or experience?  To me, Better Endings are whatever the results are of giving a project or an endeavor my “all”, so far as I can in the moment, whatever the actual outcomes. Sometimes Better Endings are the Life Lessons I can take away from an experience to apply to the next round of life.  Other times it is the friendships gained along the way. But often, a transformation of an event or situation is also possible.  A changed attitude might lead to a positive or hopeful new approach to an ‘old’ situation. Sometimes too, though, aren’t Better Endings simply the best possible outcome we can hope for with a difficult situation? Maybe it is the surprising new connections that develop after an event or encounter, or new depths of communication that we share with a loved one, even at the most terrible times.

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The picture shown here is of my mother, Betty Watts, with her grand-dog, Sophia. Mom, 86, has an increasingly debilitating condition of Parkinsons.  Her mobility is greatly impaired and she resides at a nursing home in New York state.  There is much to be grateful for. My sister Cheryl is an amazing, compassionate and empathetic caregiver who sees to Mom’s comfort and needs. Several of Mom’s other children and relatives live near enough to visit her at most holidays at least, and members of her and my sister’s home town community also visit with her regularly.  She is in a nice room, with many of her own keepsakes about her: family photos, African violets (which she has always tended), and her prized collection of colorful paperweights gifted to her through the years. Things are not easy for her, though, day to day. She must depend on nurses and aides to attend to her every bodily function and movement. She has trouble even manipulating a TV remote anymore, so her activities are greatly encumbered. Still, she lights up whenever anyone comes to her room to visit. She maintains a keen insight and an active mind.  She appreciates and warmly returns the love we all have for her. And that love just deepens for all of us with every phone call or visit Home.

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