Day One

What if Amelia Earhart had finally landed on the small Pacific island she had sought, barely surviving a would-have-been historic catastrophe? Or what if Lincoln leaned over to whisper an endearment in his wife’s ear just as Booth’s near-fatal bullet whizzed past his head (or, JFK or MLK, similarly)? Historical events become collective, cultural memories, and they often mark deep impacts on those who tell their stories later. Especially tragic events tend to be ‘held’ as collective scars in the popular mindset over many generations. Books are written, movies made and remade; exploring every angle, every nook and cranny of these sorts of legendary crises or pivotal events.
So here is YOUR opportunity to alter that collective mindset and in so doing to subtly re-map the very landscape of a long-established cultural memory. Consider the possibilities! How might things have gone differently If? When? Because?… and how might history itself and the world we live in have been potentially affected or even radically changed because of the ‘better ending’ you envision?
The only guideline for your Better Ending commentary or story submission that I would like to establish as author of this blog is that “better endings” will have positive, life-affirming, wellness oriented and personally fulfilling outcomes. I maintain the right to filter out negative or destructively oriented stories and commentary. But at the same time, a “better” ending need not necessarily be a “happy” one. Maybe a tragedy still occurs but somehow what someone learns from that experience affects later decisions or other people in a positive, meaningful way.
So, let us embark and have a free tilt at History! Feel free to send your ideas and comments to the Discussion link, and please send in your Better Endings stories at the submission link. I look forward to reading your re-visioning and to posting and learning from your comments!